Office 365 Instead of Local Mail Servers

Office 365 Instead of Local Mail Servers

Why use office 365 instead of local mail servers?

There are many benefits to using Microsoft Office 365 over local mail servers. In this article we are going to list the reasons why we believe you should never use a local mail server and always opt for Office instead.

1. Emails are stored on a Microsoft Cloud Server

You have to think, how would your business be affected if you lost all the emails you’ve ever sent and received? It’s very easy to accidentally clear your local mailbox without the possibility of recovery. With Office 365, all emails are stored on a Microsoft Cloud Server ensuring your emails are safe and secure (still take backups of your mailboxes, just in case!)

As well as recovery options, with local mail servers, you are relying upon a standard web server, even these can have faults occasionally and when the website server gets affected, so do your emails.

2. Issues with syncing across devices on local mail servers

With local mail servers, issues can arise where emails appear on one device, but not on another, especially with your sent items. If you haven’t used imap and instead used a pop server, if you send an email on your PC and later that day need to access the sent email on your phone, it won’t appear. With Office 365, emails can be accessed anywhere, across multiple devices and always synced correctly.

3. Increase in number of spam emails on local mail servers

It’s a known fact that local mail servers have very little in terms of email security. It very rarely uses the junk folder and doesn’t block emails coming in. We’ve conducted multiple tests using both Office 365 and local servers and found that Office 365 offers advanced protection, anti-spoofing options as well as an increase in general security.