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With an increase in online threats to IT Systems, it’s important to have the best IT Security package available on the market. You need an IT package that grows daily, releases regular security updates – to prevent ongoing threats, which in turn will help to lower your company’s risk and aid in safeguarding your data. We will work proactively with you to ensure you have exactly this and keep your business safe and secure.


The main way a threat gets into your company’s system is via an unwarranted email. These come in many different forms and can look very professional. To avoid these, it’s important to have a good email security package and to maintain an understanding with your staff members on what to look out for. As well as Microsoft’s secure filtering system, you can also have additional programs in place to prevent a threat to your on-site and off-site systems.


Backups are very important. How much would it cost your business if you lost all of your data? All the hard work you have put in? At Crokesby we offer a range of backup solutions including;

  • Local disk backups – Running daily incremental backups onto a hard drive, so you always have the current data available. You would then need to switch your disks monthly as an extra security precaution and take the old disks off-site.
  • Cloud based backups – These run automatically in the background when your PC is switched on. You can decide what files/folders are important to you and any files within those folders will be backed up to the cloud.

It’s essential to consider whether you want one or both of these options.


Being a Microsoft Partner, we have the ability to re-sell their software. All of our email packages are run through Microsoft Office 365, ensuring reliability, increasing security and having a guaranteed 99% uptime. All emails are cloud based and come in a variety of licences. You can either have a standard licence or go for a premium licence, which also gives you access to the Microsoft office suite. (Word 2016, Excel 2016 etc).

Prices vary depending on the licences required. For more information, please contact us today.

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Chris Hartley, Completely Interiors

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Ian Walter, Prestigious Woodworks Ltd