We are a group of IT professionals, passionate about what we do and how IT can help a business grow. Your business goals become our goals and we understand having a strong IT partner can make this happen.

Established in 2017, we are striving to make our business known around the Sussex and Surrey area. We want to be known as a leading company in IT solutions and looking to build a large portfolio of clients from small to medium sized businesses.

We always keep on-top of the trends and updates that the IT world brings us. Going back 4 or 5 years, it was all about getting your business known on the web with a simple website, it’s now so much more. We have the ability to support all devices (including mobiles) with remote access.

Backups are so important, we base our own data and backup schedule on the basis of  “you can never have enough” – Whether you are running a local backup, cloud backup or even mirrored backups, it’s always better to have more than none. If you would like to discuss our backup options, please contact us today.

Yes. We offer website design, email design and graphic design. All design work is done through our sister company Design Rocket Ltd. Please visit this website for any questions on the design work. https://designrocket.co.uk

No. Currently, we don’t offer local mail servers. We find them to be unreliable and tend to see a lot more junk and spam going through the filtering system compared to Microsoft, this will, in turn cause you further problems with viruses and malware.


All of our IT support packages are tailored to meet the needs and objectives of each client and would vary depending on the level of support required.


We operate around your office hours. If you are open, so are we!

Always There For You

Whatever you need and whenever you need it, we are here to help you.

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Range of services available from email management to anti-virus protection.

Taking Care of Business

We offer a variety of services to cater for the different needs of all our clients.

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Our monitoring programs allow us to make sure your system stays safe and secure!

Power of The Cloud

We want to keep you assured every step of the way, so security is of pivotal importance to us.

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Our Progress.