At Crokesby IT Solutions, we offer a range of IT services to businesses across the south of England. We cater for a range of clients, predominantly small to medium sized businesses. As well as IT services, we also offer IT support packages to make your business run smoothly.

  • IT Support Contracts – Supporting your business’ growth.
  • Cloud Based Servers – Access your data from anywhere in the world.
  • Off-site Backups – Keeping your data secure offline.
  • On-site Backups – Daily backups of your data to local hard drives.
  • Disaster Recovery – Making sure your data is always secure.
  • Email Management – Reliable services with Microsoft Office 365.
  • Anti-Virus Protection – Self-managed anti-virus protection.


With our IT support packages, we have the ability to access your office remotely to fix any problems you may have. Our technical team have the skills and knowledge to iron out any problems, as soon as possible. Anything that can’t be fixed, our support engineers will come to site to assist further.

Our solutions


Office 365 Instead of Local Mail Servers

Why use office 365 instead of local mail servers? There are many benefits to using Microsoft Office 365 over local mail servers. In this article we are going to list the reasons why we believe you should [...]

“All our email packages are run through Microsoft Office 365. Being a Microsoft Partner, we have the ability to assign licences, add and remove users and monitor background data of your emails to make sure everything is working properly.”

“Having reliable anti-virus software can prevent your systems being infected, preventing potential loss of data. We run all anti-virus services through Bitdefender, giving us the ability to monitor your office and make sure everything is working as it should be.”

“It’s important to make sure your data is always backed up. With EaseUS backup solution, you plug a hard drive into your PC, choose the files you need backed up and the program runs continuously throughout the month creating incremental backups.”